Milkman Social Media Content:
Instagram & Facebook posts.
I have done some research on potential blog content, making use of the brand's guideline to create the design posts.
Concept Idea: Milkman Agency
Design:: Amanda Teo

Actual IG Post

Concept Idea: Milkman Agency
Design: Amanda Teo
Concept Idea: Milkman Agency
Design: Amanda Teo
Basic animation for Milkman.

Video created: Milkman Agency

Shorten the video - learning AfterEffects.

Hairydog Social Media Content:
Concept Ideas
Tenary social media content:
Finding suitable images for blog post design and creating headlines based on team's copywriting.
Paramount Social Media Post:
Exploring different design - typography layout
Croc's Playcentre
Assisting in designing social media posts.
Social media post, concepts.
Keyring, concept.
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